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In addition to being the leading supplier of wet leisure and water treatment equipment in the UK, we also take pride in the strategic relations we build with other key global suppliers in order to enhance our portfolio.

One of these suppliers is Elecro Engineering and we were both delighted and proud to recently receive an award for Outstanding Performance during 2020.

Elecro Engineering are an industry specialist in swimming pool, spa, and aquatic heating and disinfection products.

Established in 1997, they are one of the UK’s leading manufacturer of electric water heaters, heat exchangers, disinfection equipment and solar heaters.

At Certikin we stock many of the leading pool and spa products from Elecro, details of which can be found below:

Quantum AOP (Advanced Oxidation Process)


A prime focus of the science world today is ceramic nano crystal technology, and it is this which is used in the Quantum to create one of the most powerful forms of sterilisation – photocatalytic oxidation.

Manufactured by Elecro Engineering and available from Certikin, Quantum eliminates contaminants leaving water looking fresh and clean.

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Elecro Nano Splasher Pool Heater


Specifically designed to ensure maximum safety, reliability and efficiency, the Nano Splasher fully titanium ‘Plug & Play’ heater is an ideal solution for soft/hard sided and splasher pools.

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Elecro Evolution 2 Heater


A fully titanium heater by Elecro, Evolution 2 is the upgraded version of the Evolution.

It provides efficiency, safety and above all reliability to effortlessly heat your poor or spa to the desired temperature.

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Elecro Optima Compact Heater


Ideal for pools and spas, the Optima Compact fully titanium heater ensures maximum safety, reliability and efficiency, the design makes it highly robust and durable.

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Elecro G2 Heat Exchanger


The unique design and robust construction of the G2 Heat Exchanger offers an unrivalled heat transfer surface area, making it one of the most efficient products on the market.

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