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POLYPOOL | Polypool


Product description

Suitable for all types of projects, whether that be indoor or outdoor, inground or partially above ground, the Polypool system offers both an easy and quick solution from both a manufacturing and installation point of view. Even the fittings can be pre-installed if required, meaning all the installer has to do when the Polypool panels arrive on site, is install the system and connect the pipework. This results in an extremely quick construction time. As an example, for a 10m x 5m pool the unique interlocking system can be used to create the pool structure within just half a day. On a typical outdoor pool build, this means customers could be enjoying their swimming pool within just two to three weeks from arrival and clearing of the site.

A key selling point of insulated panel pool systems is their heat retention capabilities, and this is something which Polypool is unrivalled for. A Polypool is eight times more efficient at keeping in heat than your average double-glazed window, meaning the pool will heat up much faster and retain the heat for longer. With swimming pools regulated under Part L of the Building Regulations, all indoor pools must meet the strict U-value of 0.25W/m2/K. Polypool not only meets this government guideline but exceeds it with an extremely low U-value of just 0.18W/m2/K, a figure which is unmatched by any of its competitors.