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SPBA22C | Baracuda Cyclonic Leaf Trap - suits R3 & MX8 cleaners

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The Cyclonic Leaf Catcher pool filter is the ideal accessory to capture debris. This innovative system keeps debris in its filter tank to avoid clogging your system. With no pressure on the pump, suction is constant because the debris remain in suspension.

It is very easy to tell when the transparent filter tank needs to be emptied. Although it is very wide, it is not necessary to empty it very often, and this is very easy to perform.

The included adapters allow easy installation with all types of hoses, both standard hoses and Zodiac-exclusive Twist Lock hoses. It connects to the nearest suction point or to the skimmer.

This spare is compatible with these products (1):

  • Baracuda MX8 Suction Pool Cleaner

  • BAMX8
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