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Steam Accessories

Use a fragrance dosing kit to automatically dose fragrance into the steam room.

Extra Fixtures for Steam Rooms

Steamroom door measurements:1860mm - high780mm - wide60mm - thickDisabled steamroom door1860mm - high1000mm - wide60mm - thickNote: All door measurements are frame edge to frame edge. Not the door itself.We can also manufacture steam room doors to any size or dimension. Please contact the Commercial department on 01993 778855.

Steam Room Doors

Harvia Steam Room Doors are available in two widths, 690mm and 890mm, and with four types of glass: Clear, Bronze, Satin and Smokey Grey.

Steam Generators

Harvia HGX Steam GeneratorHarvia HGX is a compact, yet efficient steam generator for private and spa use. The main design principles have been reliability, trouble-free operation and the relaxing steam bath experience.Harvia HGX is easy to install. Because of its compact design it can be installed in a low space. Harvia HGX steam generator is controlled by a stylish touch-screen control panel. The controlled functions are steam generator, fragrance pump, lighting and fan.

Elements from Harvia

Please note that these items are supplied UNTILED.

Harvia Bespoke Range

Bespoke Steam RoomsBringing the ancient Roman, Arabian and Ottoman traditions right up to date, we use today's technology to create a range of steam rooms that offer diverse thermal bathing experiences. Our team can help you create exactly the environment you are looking for, from hot and steamy, to warm and humid.You can further enhance the relaxing nature of these experiences with aromatherapy infusions, mood lighting, crystal features, salt injection and music therapy.Some of our most popular thermal rooms are tiled steam bath, caldarium, laconium, aromatherapy room, salt room and tepidarium.The caldarium and steam bath are designed to deliver short bursts of intense heat and steam, while the tepidarium and laconium are designed for warming up or relaxing over longer periods. The salt room and aromatherapy room combines the relaxing purifying effects of steam with aromas or salt vapour to stimulate thesenses.LoungersRelaxation zones are an essential element of any enjoyable bathing experience. Guests find relaxing on heated loungers extremely pleasant and beneficial as well as sociable.Rasul -mud' rooms combine a tiled steam room and a relaxation area with heated floors, heated loungers and experience showers. In the warm atmosphere of the Rasul tiled steam room, natural mineral-rich muds are massaged into your body. The warmth and low humidity dry the mud while you relax on heated tiled seats. Clouds of steam then fill the room, gently loosening the mud. Next a shower arrives like a tropical rain to wash away the mud leaving skin silky smooth.Hamam, a classic Turkish bath, incorporates heated tiled massage beds with hot water and drainage for wet massage and foam treatments. Subtle colourful lighting therapy and music add to the ambience. Hamam is based on a combination of hot and cold treatments, steam bath and massage. Although traditionally designed in a Turkish style, as with any of our tiled rooms we can achieve an ornate or a clean modern finish through tiling and internal design features.Experience ShowersTo cleanse the body after various heat treatments we offer a variety of experience showers including tropical rain, sea mists and Caribbean storms.The experience includes lights, sound and fragrance systems and we can enclose showers in circular, s-shaped or traditional cubicle settings or even create a cave effect.Foot SpasOur foot spa systems comprise of heated tiled benches with individual footbaths that fill automatically with warm water and then bubbles massage the feet and stimulate the reflexology zones. At the end of the treatment the foot spa automatically drains ready for the next person.Ice StationThese can stand alone in a relaxation area or be incorporated as part of an ice room. Ice stations are individually designed and have a chute which delivers flaked ice into a bowl or tiled pedestal area. This ice is rubbed on to cool the skin between hot treatments. We often use lighting to enhance the look of this feature.Ice GrottoThe latest innovation in cold experiences, an ice grotto replicates as near as possible a real snow experience. The room is chilled to about 12-15oC and incorporates an ice station, heated seats and an aroma system. Ice grottos can be tiled or designed to replicate the look and feel of a cave of ice.

Harvia Standard Steam Rooms

Tranquillity standard steam rooms offer an -off the shelf' product for all key standard sizes of tiled steam rooms. Suitable for both domestic and commercial applications, these rooms come flat packed ready for reassembly on site for tiling in the tiles of your choice.Each comes with:- Ceilings- Walls- Seats- Steam room door- Steam generator- LED down lights and transformer- Vents and cover for steam- Full assembly manual and instructions- Ceiling height 2030mm- Door can be left or right fitted- Includes adhesives, silicones, screws, washers, touch-up panels and foam filler Note: Tiles, grout etc are not supplied with this kit