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Harvia Variant Indoor Saunas

The Variant Sauna offers superb build quality that you would expect from Harvia, with modern Finnish design and ergonomic bench, headrest and backrest design makes these saunas an ideal solution to your wellness needs. The key benefits:- Glass door - bronze or clear- Upper and lower Abachi benches- Spruce panelling - pine, aspen and alder available on request- Spruce heater guard- Equipment pack - light, lamp shade, bucket, ladle, sand glass and a hygro-thermometer- Delta or Vega heater including stones

Harvia Rondium Indoor Saunas

Harvia's Rondium sauna is the perfect choice for bathers who want to pamper themselves. A rounded double door and decorative external stainless steel soffit with LED lights completes this stylish sauna model. Decorative stainless steel elements in the outside walls create a modern look. Even the base frame is steel-covered. This gives a stylish, modern appearance and provides protection from moisture close to the floor. Heat-treated aspen, aspen or alder is used for the exterior panelling. Aspen isused on the interior walls and ceiling.The tasteful Exclusive sauna interior, with detachable benches, is made of abachi and heat-treated aspen. The decorative stone wall gives this sauna a stylish contrast. The Topclass Combi is a versatile heater especially for those who enjoy a soft, humid sauna bath with an aromatic atmosphere. The heater is controlled by a digital Griffin Combi control unit, which allows you to control the temperature, humidity, and lighting of your sauna. Harvia colour light brings the magnificence of colours into your sauna. It is controlled by Griffin ColourLight control unit.

Harvia Rubics Indoor Saunas

The Harvia Rubic sauna unites metal, wood and glass creating a harmonious whole. The sturdy metal profiles in the corners give the cubical sauna integrity. There are rectangular panel sheets above the black wood board of the side and back walls. Choose the material of the panel sheets and the interior panelling from aspen, alder, or heat-treated aspen. Glass is used in the front wall. Grates that express the style of the interior have been installed in front of the glass.The steel-covered base frame and the adjustable legs protect the walls and structures of the sauna from the humidity on the floor.The alliance of the materials is continued on the interior as well. The stainless steel strips have been embedded into the edges of the Harvia Futura benches. The same line is continued on the light fittings and heater guard. The interior features modern slim battening. Select the material for your Futura sauna interior from aspen, abachi, alder or heattreated aspen.A Topclass Combi heater in your Harvia Rubic sauna provides a steamy and moist sauna bathing experience. The heater is controlled by a digital Griffin Combi control unit, which allows you to control the temperature, humidity, and lighting of your sauna. The control unit is stylishly embedded in the metal corner profile. A Harvia decorative stone wall has been mounted behind the heater. Also the stylish Harvia sauna accessories set of stainless steel is included in the delivery.

Harvia Outdoor Saunas

Harvia sauna - genuine Finnish sauna enjoyment. The feeling of the open air on your skin. A combination you have to experience! For centuries in Finland, the sauna was a separate building with its own unique features. Now you can experience the same atmosphere with Harvia Outdoor sauna.Whether you choose a traditional woodburning sauna stove or an easier electric sauna heater, you will find the same distinguished Harvia sauna spirit in your Outdoor sauna. The Harvia Outdoor sauna package delivery is much more than just the sauna building itself! The delivery package includes all the necessary wood, roof and fastening materials and, according to your choice, a woodburning sauna stove with steel chimney or an electric sauna heater. Whether next to your swimming pool, in your green garden or in the middle of a humming forest, a Harvia Outdoor sauna offers you authentic, peaceful moments of enjoyment.

Harvia Infrared Saunas

An infrared cabin lets you relax in warmth whenever it best suits you. The warmth of the infrared cabin comes from heat radiator elements which produce dry, long-wave heat. The healthy warmth is similar to that produced by the sun. The infrared radiation provides you with an all-encompassing feeling of relaxation.Infrared warmth also offers you several health benefits: improved blood circulation and immunity, relief from muscle pain, stress relief, and physical and mental relaxation. An infrared cabin can be installed in any dry space, for example in your bedroom. Radiant infrared cabinThe Radiant infrared cabins have a modern design and plenty of glass surfaces. The large heating elements are positioned so that the long-wave heat can reach all parts of your body. You can set the operating time and temperature of the Radiant infrared cabin with the easy-to-use control panel. You can even listen to your favourite music on the cabin's built-in radio/CD player. Radiant infrared cabin's interior is made of hemlock wood, a pleasant scented, light-coloured wood related to pine. The outer surface is dark walnut veneer. Choose from two different sized models.