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Accu-Tab System

Accu-Tab Systems- Accu-Tab system delivers crystal clear water with minimum hassle- High reliability, low maintenance system- Consistent, effective and accurate chlorine delivery- Accu-Tab does not contain cyanuric acid (sunlight stabiliser)- Accu-Tab PowerBase chlorination units and stand alone feeders are available as required- Accu-Tab 3- 325g Blue SI calcium hypochlorite tablets are designed for use in Accu-Tab chlorinators. Tablets contain scale inhibitor and are 65% minimum available chlorine

Own-Label Pool Chemicals

We are pleased to offer the facility to personalise chemicals.Listed is our standard range for own labelling. However if you have a high volume demand for any water treatment product not listed, just give us a call to discuss your requirements and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.Interested in own label service from Certikin-We offer a free of charge set-up service for standard own labels, in return all we ask is a minimum spend of

Shock Dosing - Calcium Hypochlorite

SwimFresh QD (Quick dissolve Calcium Hypochlorite)An advanced shock treatment product, these calcium hypochlorite granules have an availablechlorine level of 65% making them a good chlorine donor for pool water problem solving. Also these fine granules may be used directly on pools where temperatures exceed 20oC.

Stabilised Chlorine Granules

SwimFresh Chlorine GranulesA traditional, granular chlorine donor that is still popular with many pool owners that like dose rate flexibility. These granules are rapid dissolving making prep-dissolving and application easy.The granules have a pH value of about 6.0 - 7.0, which is fairly close to the ideal pool water pH level and so will have little effect on the pH level of your pool water. Another feature ofStabilised Chlorine Granules is that they contain Cyanuric acid (chlorine stabiliser), this can be beneficial for outdoor pools as it reduces the amount of chlorine lost to sunlight - making it easier for you to maintain the correct chlorine level in your pool

Oxygen Shock Granules (Non Chlorine Sh…

SwimFresh Oxygen Shock GranulesA granular product that is ideal for the regular oxidation of pool water as it will destroy organic waste and chloramines without increasing the chlorine level, meaning that you will be able to swim shortly after application.

Swimfresh Bromine Tablets

SwimFresh Bromine TabletsSwimFresh Bromine Tablets should be dosed via a chemical feeder (brominator), which is easy and inexpensive to install retrospectively to an existing pool. When set up correctly your brominator will dispense the correct amount of bromine into the pool to maintain the ideal level between 3.0 to 5.0mg/l and all you need to do is top up the brominator with new tablets as and when required, this makes maintaining the sanitiser level in your pool very straightforward.

Swimfresh Combi Tablets

SWIMfresh 5Kg Aftershock Combi tablets - fast dissolving tablet top followed by long term slow dissolving stabilised chlorine disinfection.

Swimfresh Water Balance

Summary of SwimFresh Water Balance ChemicalsSwimFresh Calcium Hardness Increaser Increase calcium hardness of pool water when it drops below 200mg/lSwimFresh Alkalinity Increaser Increase total alkalinity of pool water when it drops below 80mg/lSwimFresh pH & Alkalinity ReducerLower total alkalinity of pool water when it rises above 150mg/lSwimFresh pH IncreaserIncrease pH of pool water when it drops below 7.2SwimFresh pH & Alkalinity ReducerLower pH of pool water when it rises above 7.6


SwimFresh Regular AlgaecideDosed into the pool weekly, this non copper based algaecide does not have a long life, which is why it should be dosed weekly. When used as directed, Algae controller will prevent a broad spectrum of algae inhabiting your pool.SwimFresh Copper based AlgicideA relatively long lasting copper based algaecide that will control and prevent most algae types. Ensure pH levels are in the ideal range when using this product, compatible with SwimFresh sanitizers, but do not use with PHMB or ionizers.SwimFresh Copper Free AlgicideA relatively long lasting non metallic based algaecide that will last for up to 3 months in poolwater. This product has wide chemical compatibility and works in wide pH ranges.SwimFresh WinterfreshA long life copper free algaecide formulated to prevent algae growth during the late autumn/winter and early spring in outdoor swimming pools. Also contains sequesterant tominimise scale and staining during the -close' season. Wide sanitizer product compatibility.