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Infinite On Site Lining System

Infinite On-Site LiningCertikin's Infinite On-Site Lining service continues to go from strength to strength, both in terms of level of service and installation ability to the depth of quality in the materials we use.Now firmly established in this market, Certikin's ability to install a liner into almost any pool and any environment speaks for itself, with a very wide variety of installations successfully completed, from basic balance tanks, to standard and complex domestic pools through to full commercial size installations.Our material range continues to advance and is of the highest quality. Our supply partners are some of the finest PVC manufacturers in the world and continue to excel themselves in terms of development and quality standards. All materials sourced are certified for use in domestic and commercial applications, being KSW and CE certified - they meet all current European requirements for swimming pool installation - and in particular, all of our anti-slip membranes, plain colour or printed, are manufactured to DIN EN 51097 Cat C standards.The choice of colours and patterns includes all of the classics, but also includes new and adventurous options such as our exclusive Silver Black Tile, Royal Mosaic, and Oceanstone designs. We have also developed our range of patterned anti-slip membranes so that most of our fully patterned vinyl has a complementary and matching anti-slip membrane in order to offer an all over tiled or patterned effect finish.We are also pleased to offer the specially embossed and textured Touch range of vinyl and the new Renolit Ceramics which offers the touch and feel of real tiles via the more flexible and cost effective installation of vinyl.Product Features:- Installed by Certikin- 15 year pro-rata guarantee at pool temps of up to 90OF (32OC).- Fully certified materials - suitable for any installation.- High quality printing with a multiple lacquered protective surface - offering the highest stain, discolouration and abrasion resistance.- UV Stabilised - acceleration chamber tested.- Ideal for both new and re-furbished pools (including concrete, cement render, steel, aluminium, timber and fibreglass) - note: fittings must be liner fittings.- 1.5mm or 1.6mm PVC with polyester internal mesh.- Anti-slip PVC for steps and walk in slopes.- Anti-microbially equipped.- Tear resistant.- Installed with 50mm overlap seams - sealed with colour co-ordinated or translucent liquid PVC.- Anchor points made with stainless steel expanding drive rivets.- Can be hung from standard liner-lock or from specifically installed metal profile.- Geo-textile underlay available and recommended.- Easily repairable if damaged.- Suitable for domestic and commercial applications.

Certikin Pool Liners

Certikin have now been manufacturing liners for over ten years - once the new kids on the block we are now firmly established within the liner market, and for good reason. With a pattern and colour range which continues to provide the traditional options but also challenge the norm', we offer a wider choice than ever before to liven up almost any pool. In-house state of the art design and cutting procedures ensure even the most complex shapes and sizes can be re-created and our overall delivered package, which includes our unique reinforced card-fibre drum as opposed to a cumbersome box and a free-of-charge selection of Certikin liner fittings, offers value for money that nobody else can match.Our pool vinyls are sourced from the world's leading vinyl manufacturers: Canadian General Tower; Elbtal Plastics and Renolit, all of whom create materials to exacting standards and have a combined manufacturing experience of over 160 years. This range of supply allows Certikin to have the widest choice of patterns and colours available in the UK market, including many exclusive designs, without compromising quality.Modern design and manufacture techniques allow us to take these excellent materials and create a high quality liner for almost any size or shape of pool, including those with features such as ledges, freeform curves, cover pits and integral steps.As such, all of the liners Certikin manufacture, offer the following qualities and features:- Lacquered surfaces over high quality prints to help guard against abrasion, staining and UV attack.- Inclusion of anti-microbial bodies to help combat biological attack and marking.- High levels of flexibility.- High resistance to breaking, tearing and puncturing.- Resistance to water temperatures up to 30degC.- Resistance to pool chemicals in a balanced water environment.- Manufactured in a clean, purposely equipped factory environment incorporating trained staff and cutting and welding machinery specifically designed for the manufacture of pool liners.- 10 year pro rata guaranteeIt should be noted that, despite best efforts and best practice during manufacture and despite use of the finest raw materials that the following restrictions apply and/or the following effects may be visible and are in no way classed as faults.- Patterns on printed floor and wall panels and on tile bands, including mosaics, may not match at the seams due to high stretch factors, pattern complexity and cutting techniques - aesthetic quality is not regarded as a warranty issue - pool owners should be made aware of this when choosing a liner pattern.- Many darker materials are printed on lighter backgrounds. It is therefore common to have a fine light-coloured line along each seam due to the flow of material as it fuses together - this is the mark of a solid weld and is not a fault.- Liner installation should ideally not be attempted in temperatures of below 10OC as the stretch factor of the liner will be greatly reduced - if installation is planned in temperatures lower than this please contact us to discuss sizing.- If you are not happy with the initial fit of the liner, stop the installation and call us to discuss.DO NOT CUT THE LINER. Cutting of the liner will be seen as acceptance of the product.

Liner Accessories

Certikin's range of liner accessories are designed to offer a finishing touch to your liner installation. Our standard liner-lock wedge has a smooth rounded profile so in addition to securing the liner bead in place it offers a consistently neat trim in the opening of the liner-lock. Cover-up wedge performs in the same way as the standard wedge, but also gives a finishing trim above the liner-lock to cover any visible grout or cement seam above the liner-lock. Finally, unique new liner-lock insert strip is designed for use when a pool is being built or refurbished. This simple but effective strip can be inserted into the mouth of the liner-lock and will prevent the mouth being crushed closed by copings and will stop debris and mortar/grout settling in the liner-lock during construction/refurbishment. The insert strip can be left in the liner-lock right up to the point when the liner is installed, the insert can then be simply pulled out with its attached tab.Sun-Sorb:Sun-Sorb attracts body oils, suntan lotions and cosmetics, providing better water quality, longer filter cycles and, primarily, helping to stop the formation of a scum line. Manufactured from patented, non-toxic, molecular foam, the Sun-Sorb is suitable for pools, spas and hot-tubs and can be floated in open water or placed in the skimmer.The special foam repels water but will absorb up to 40 times its weight in body oils and suntan lotions and also attracts pollen - drawing all of these articles into the foam as opposed to settling on the pool wall or within the filter. Its large surface area means it will not get clogged in water lines and one Sun-Sorb will typically last one season in a pool or three months in a spa/hot tub under normal conditions.

Pool Mats

Simply the easiest way to decorate your pool! PoolMat is a high quality pool motif manufactured on heavy duty vinyl with UV and chemical resistant inks which simply sits on your pool floor.No adhesives, no suction, no specialist fixing required. The PoolMat is held down by its ownweight and the pool water. All you need to do is slide the mat into the water, position it where you want it and ensure there is no air or water trapped underneath. Literally installed in seconds into a full or partially full pool. Suitable for all smooth-surface pool types (not tiles) on a level surface.If you want a change, simply lift the PoolMat and move it around the pool, or alternate with other PoolMats.PoolMat comes in a range of pre-manufactured designs in a standard 59- (4' 11- / 1.5m) diameter at the price listed below, or, custom mats can be made, on provision of artwork, to almost any size.Features:- 1.5m diameter motif (or custom sizes available)- Easy to install - just place in the water- No adhesives, suction or special fixing- Heavy duty 1/8- (3mm) vinyl mat with UV and chemical resistant inks- Compatible with automatic cleaners- Suitable for all pool types (excluding tiled finishes).- Pre-manufactured or custom designs available.Please Note: Pool Mats are not suitable for use in indoor pools.

Pool Repair Products

The Leakmaster range of product,manufactured by Anderson, offers a range of problem solving products designed to help with many pool problems, but especially with vinyl liners. From leak detection to repair, Leakmaster helps with a speedy and accurate solution.Leakmaster Peel & Stick Vinyl Pool Patches are an excellent addition to the range - offering instant adhesion onto vinyl liners under water. If you have a small puncture or tear in your liner, simply wipe the area to clean lightly, peel off the patch backing and apply into place. The instant grab solvent free adhesives immediately adhere to the liner and the bond strength continues to build over a 24 hour period.The patches are practically invisible when underwater and will not yellow over time. Available in a multi-pack of 4 x 2-, 7 x 1 ??? and 10 x 1?. The patches are pre-cut to diameters. No glues or adhesives are required - literally peel and stick. Peel & Stick is also available as a 175mm x 610mm sheet. Leakmaster Flexible Sealer and Leak RepairManufactured by leak-repair specialists Anderson, Leakmaster is a nitrile-rubber based sealant which provides a strong adhesive bond to almost any surface around the pool - including liner vinyl. When applied to a surface, Leakmaster skins over in seconds, evenunderwater, and can then be flattened into place leaving a strong but flexible repair which can fully cure in minutes depending on the application.- Seals vinyl liner leaks with or without a patch- Seals between liner and face plates and fittings- Can be used as a thread sealant- Seals small cracks in concrete and render- Can be applied underwater- Available in white and light blueLeakmaster Pre-Filled Dye TestersThese convenient syringe style testers are charged with a special concentrated dye that holds together underwater. A six-inch plastic -needle' allows for precise dye placement without creating unwanted currents.- Identify the precise location of structural pool leaks- Identify water movement in or out of pipes- Can be re-filled with Leakmaster dye- Available in blue (for light backgrounds) and fluorescent yellow (for dark backgrounds).- Sold as single units- Deep water dye kit pole attachment availableLeakmaster Butyl TapeHand-mouldable rubber gap filler that can be applied underwater without the mess of sealants or mixed products. The tape retains a flexible, tacky consistency making it well suited for a variety of permanent and temporary leak-stopping applications.- Replace gaskets without removing the fitting- Fill and seal cracks, gaps and voids- Ideal for packing around cable where glands have perished.- Available in 15' length- Workable at temperatures below freezing- Can be removed if required

Refurb Kits for Liner Pools (pc&l)

Spare parts for Certikin liner pool fittings that you will more than likely want to replace when changing a liner to give the client a smartly finished pool.

Underlay & Adhesives

Liner underlay or foam is an essential extra for achieving the best possible finish for your newly lined pool. Suitable for site lined and bag lined pools, liner underlay or foam offers slight cushioning and protection to the rear of the lining and contributes a smoothing effect to the pool shell.Our 8mm foam is cut to a 1.02m (3' 4-) width to suit a standard wall depth and offers extra protection and cushioning in these higher impact areas. Foam is generally used on walls only. It is recommended that on metal panel walls felt is used in place of foam as differentials in temperature can cause condensation built up behind the liner - felt will allow this moisture to percolate to the pool floor as opposed to sit behind the membrane.Underlay felt is suitable for all areas of a pool structure and is available in three grades. The industry standard 300g per m2 product is available by the m2 to suit individual installations or in trade rolls of 200m2 (100m x 2m) for multiple installations.Our reinforced underlay felt is a heavier duty (375g per m2) and includes a woven scrim which makes this felt more rigid and easier to position on the pool shell planes - it is also more durable and is commonly used on site lining installations (Certikin use this as standard when site-lining) and is available in full rolls of 50m x 2mOur new economy felt is a finer, lighter-weight (250g per m2), lower price product designed to offer basic protection on smaller or lower cost pools.