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Play Gear

Interactive!Manufactured from brightly coloured GRP, many features have built-in mechanical hand pumps allowing children to activate water sprays from various nozzles simply by pressing the pump handle.Just Fun!A highly cost effective way to enhance any leisure centre, swimming pool, holiday park, paddling pool or theme park. Manufactured to the highest standards, they feature ultra-violet and water chemical resistant coatings, bright glossy colours and smooth rounded edges for maximum safety, guaranteed to appeal to kids of all ages.No Pipes!Each model is self contained and utilises the existing swimming pool water supply. Multiple feature schemes can usually be installed and commissioned within a day, making a themed play area a very attractive option.Simple Retrofit!Can be installed in or around existing pools. No major building works, no excavations, no buried pipes, no hassle. Durability, ease of installation and virtually no maintenance makes -Play Gear- children's water features the ideal solution.

Aqua Drolics

Toddler PoolsThe Aqua Drolics construction system, which uses fibreglass-enforced polyester pool elements, enables the construction of an infant pool in many shapes and all sizes. An Aqua Drolics Toddler Pool can be used both indoors and outdoors.The Aqua Drolics system can also be used to easily create a fun and playful -water play area' in an already existing space on a level surface for parents and infants. Products with hand pumpsThere are a wide range of features with hand pumps that invite children to play in an active way. These products don't need a water supply anda pump - they can be installed in the pool without any further facilities.Water PlaygroundsThe playground is available in many combinations with huts, towers and all kinds of water jets and controls for the kids to play with. Active play is the main focus in the design of the play objects. Children must be able to work with the products. For example:- Turning a rudder to make the water squirt harder or softer- Passing a sensor to activate a sudden spurt of water- Throwing a ball into a play object to activate a squirt of water- Trying to manoeuvre across a surprise fountain without being hit by a sudden spurt of water.Our Aqua Drolics range is extensive. Please contact Certikin Commercial for further details.

Van Egdom Playgrounds

Water PlaygroundsOur standard range of models have been developed to offer maximum safe enjoyment for children up to 12 years, with soft rubber valve wheels, anti-slip platforms and softened water sprays.The Water Playground frame is fabricated from hot dipped galvanised mild steel sections. Platforms, slides and features are produced from glass reinforced polyester, making the Water Playground an incredibly robust structure.Water Playgrounds are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations. Each model is manufactured to order, this method allows us to offer non standard / customised Water Playgrounds at little additional cost. We offer a FREE, design and site survey facility to accommodate all non standard applications. (UK only).- Installation Service Available

Van Egdom Waterslides & Flumes

We have one of the largest selections of Waterslides and Flumes available!- 700 Open side- 800 Speed tube- 1200 Body tube- 1400 Body tube (black hole)- 1800 River ride- Family ramp slide- Highwall body slide- Multi slide- Kamikaze speed slide- Hara Kiri boat rideManufactured from glass reinforced polyester with hot dipped galvanised mild steel support structure. Straight flight or Helical access stair options available.Designed in accordance with BS EN 1069-1&2:1996.All slides and flumes are suitable for indoor and outdoor installations and can terminate into existing swimming pools, purpose made splash pools or integral Aqua-catch landing units.Our Waterslides are tailor designed to suit each and every application. A FREE design and quotation service is available from our commercial department upon request. (UK only).