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Mini ABS LED Lighting

High Intensity MINI multicolour or white LED lamps are environmentally friendly. The compact design makes them perfect for shallow areas of a pool; for example pool steps, and also spas. It can be installed in concrete pools, prefabricated, pools, liner pools and spas and has is available with stainless steel or white ABS front plates, and as a colour change LEDs (RGB) or a white light.Each MINI multicolour light comes with 2 x 2w LED's (blue/green) plus 1 x 1w red LED. IP68 protection, low voltage (12 V AC)Use the MINI light with the control panel for maximum effect. The MINI control panel features an integral transformer and can be connected directly to the mains. It also features a push button controller to alternate between 6 set colours and 6 sequences. Each MINI control panel will synchronise up to 4 lights.

LumiPlus Mini LED Lights

The New LumiPlus Mini LED light range with more illumination intensity, higher quality and energy efficiency. LumiPlus Mini LEDs are offered in Pure White finish and Stainless steel effect featuring In-Mould decoration methods to create the perfect stainless steel look. Colour Change versions are compatible with the existing PLRC100 Controller and PLRC100 Remote Control.Supplied as standard with 2.5m cable (other lengths are available to order). The LumiPlus Mini LED is best installed via the LTHD900 wall Conduit but can also be simply fitted into 63mm pipe using the adaptors supplied.

Perimeter Lighting

optic installations. Equipped with special lamps, these light generators have electronic control circuits to activate the following operations: on/off, colour selection and automatic function modes. The generators have a large 600 fibre capacity meaning that less generators are needed for any one installation. They come with a remote control and have an IPX4 protection rating and are therefore suitable for outdoor installation. Auto synchronization for multiple generators is achieved without the needfor master/slave generators. A simple cable connection is all that's required regardless of generator type and generators from different ranges may be connected within a single installation.Features:- Eight different colours can be generated: white, dark green, cyan, pink, blue, lime green, yellow and aquamarine. - Colour change - The use of a step by step motor allows the colour to be controlled with instant changes. - Sequential colour change with variable timing by colour - allows colour changes with predetermined duration of between 10 seconds and 10 minutes which can be set individually for each colour via the generator.- Variable speed continual colour change - in this mode the colour wheel can be set to a constant speed of anywhere between 30-180 seconds per turn. This speed is programmable via the generator.- Timed off switch - variable timer with automatic off switch adjustable for half hour to 4 hour operation.- Start up functionality - the generator will always start up in the same operating mode as the last time the power supply was switched off, following any interruption to the power supply (including power cuts or where an external timer is in use). - Optional keypad disablement function - for public pools where the generator is located within reach of the swimmers, the keypad can be disabled to avoid accidental interference.Should you require a quotation or proposal for any installation, please contact us.

Spot Lighting

Fibre optic spot wall lamps are designed for installation in built or prefabricated swimming pools. The come in standard sizes and with IP68 protection and should be used with our fibre optic generators and cable to generate mood lighting effects in both private and commercial swimming pools and spas.Each wall lamp is supplied with two types of lense: flat and convex. These lights must be installed with centering devices LT8501131 or LT8501131. These are required to anchor and centre the fibre in the axis of the lens.

Deck Box Lid Light

This is a very ingenious but simple design. It replaces the existing lid of a Certikin deck box and converts it to an attractive LED ground light. Designed for new builds or retro-fits, it is effortlessly installed in just a couple of minutes. Available in blue and white, it includes one lid-light, and one large and one small o-ring. The electrical power loading is very low (approx. 2.5W) and will put no significant extra load on the transformer.

Spa Underwater Lights

This selection of lights are perfect for use in spas.

Underwater Speakers

These 20W underwater speakers have been designed to fit inside a Certikin light niche (in place of light guts) and have a rated power impedence of 8 ohms. An isolating transformer should be used with each speaker. The speakers should be driven by an amplifier of a suitable size please consult a hi-fi specialist to ensure correct sizing.