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There is a variety of filtration media available including sand, glass, gravel, diatomaceous earth and Zeoclere (zeolitic media). Ensure that the filter media selected is suitable for the filter and the application.ZeoclereThis filter media gives years of service along with water clarity 60% better than sand. It is ideal for leisure centre, school, hotel, and hydrotherapy pools. A straight swap from sand, Zeoclere removes ammonia and heavy metals from pool water. It has achieved NSF61 - NSF50 - NSF50ii certification.Glass Bead Filter MediaGrade 1 glass beads have a small effective size of only 0.6mm to 0.8mm. Its narrow particle size range allows in-depth filtration and extends operating cycles between backwashing. They have been laboratory tested to be able to effectively filter down to below 3 microns and are spherical and do not have any sharp edges. They are safe to handle and safe to service and are manufactured from 100% virgin glass and are chemically inert.The spherical smooth shape results in a low co-efficient of friction reducing its backwash water requirements and backwash with up to 20% less waterthan sand, saving time and water. Glass beads are easy to install and enable a rapid start-up of the media filter. It high purity means very little backwashing is required to cleanse the filter media prior to commissioning the filter. Certikin Glass Filter MediaThis environmentally friendly filter media is made from a glass recycled in the UK. It is a viable alternative to sand and does not involve intrusive mining and the use of scarce resources. It is available in three grades - all grades are milled down to remove sharp points and are packed in 25kg bags.Glass media is more efficient than sand as it can remove up to 30% more material and pollutants than sand so saving on backwashing and the resultant water, energy and chemical treatment costs. It doesn't degrade so has a longer life span.Use in place of traditional filter media. Grade 1 is equivalent to 16/30 grade sand; Grade 2 is equivalent to 8/16 grade sand; Grade 3 is equivalent to 6mm gravel.

OC-1 Filtration Media

Unlike traditional methods that use entrapment, OC-1 works through settlement and harnesses advances in pump technology and variable speed pumps/controllers. The new British manufactured filtration media has some exceptional benefits - by replacing commonly used media (such as sand and glass) with OC-1 it is possible to reduce the head loss in the filtration system; filter with a constant flow (regardless of debris entrapment) and, most remarkably, significantly reduce running energy costs whilst still filtering to the equivalent standard as it can be used with a smaller pump or a variable speed pump or controller.Why YOU should switch to OC-1- Reduces energy consumption – OC-1 maintains constant flow rates, even when the media becomes dirty. No downtime is required for heating/salt chlorinators/heat pumps going out on low flow. The constant flow means pumps can be run at lower speeds, thus saving energy. - Huge capacity for debris collection – OC-1 offers over 20 times the capacity of sand or glass. - Reduced requirement for backwashing and a more efficient backwash - Reduces water consumption, chemical usage and heating. - Lightweight - Can even be shipped inside a filter, easy to handle and super quick and easy to install. - Less Maintenance - lasts longer than sand, reduces pressure in the system, extending the life of equipment. - Filters to International swimming pool standards. - Suitable for ALL installations - domestic or commercial, outdoor or indoor, new installations or existing filters. - Recyclable at end of product life. - Payback typically 12-18 months.