Automatic Backwash Valves (2)

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Besgo Automatic Backwash Valve C/W Sol…

Manufactured in Switzerland, the Besgo valve is a hydraulic drive system controlled by a single 240v solenoid. When powered, the valve opens and forces the hydraulic system into an alternative position, directing water through a different route. Activate the solenoid again and the system will return to its original state, thus providing automated switching from filtration to backwash and vice versa.Features- 3 to 5 bar mains water pressure or compressed air required to actuate the system- The solenoid can be controlled by several methods. E.g. timed, pressure, manual etc.- In the event of power failure the valve remains in its closed position (normal filtration) therefore preventing accidental emptying of the pool.- Closed in less than 2 seconds- Silent operation- No pressure hammer- Low pressure loss- With power failure valve is shut- No need to turn the pump off- Control panel available with backwash programme capability

Besgo 3 Way Valve

3-way valve When used with the backwash valve it will provide an added rinse facility after backwash An alternative use is for automated switching if water supply between applications e.g. two water features sharing one pump.