Disabled Chair Lifts (3)

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Portable Aquatic Lift (PAL)

PAL - Portable Aquatic LiftA portable powered lift that does not require mounting to the pool deck or the need for a water or electric supply. It can be positioned anywhere around the pool and put away when not in use.Features- Completely portable: The unique versatility of the PAL makes it the ideal solution to the problem of access for the disabled or the infirm who would like to use commercial or multi-pool facilities.- Accessibility: The PAL makes any pool accessible in seconds. It provides 300lb (136kg) lifting capacity together with a 240 degree turning radius for safe transfers away from the pool edge.- Easy to use: Just roll the PAL to the edge of the pool, lock the wheels, set the stabilisers and it's ready for use.- User friendly: The PAL incorporates two powerful 24v actuators operated by a water-proof pendant. This means that the PAL can be operated by either the attendant or the user on his or her own.- Consistent operation: A 24v re-chargeable battery ensures that the PAL will work when you want it to, where you want it to, every time you want it to.- Negligible maintenance: Virtually maintenance free, made from corrosion resistant materials and coatings.PAL2 - Portable Aquatic LiftThe PAL2 includes all the greatest benefits and features of the original PAL with a modernised look, but with the additional benefits of the controls on the mast. It comes in a durable matt finish.Accessories include:- Stability vest- Spine board attachment- Seat pads- Outdoor cover

Semi-Portable Aquatic Lift (SPLASH)

A removable deck mounted aquatic lift that can be used with existing sleeves. The unique design of the Splash! keeps all swimming lanes clear when the unit is in place. The Splash! is also perfectly suited for residential pools.Easy to use:- The Splash! can be operated by either the user or an attendant and its hand control is completely waterproof.- Consistent and reliable. No need for water pressure to run unit.- Provides a 300lbs (136Kg) lifting capacity with standard Splash!, or 375lbs 170Kg) with Splash! HD (Heavy Duty) version.- Safe, secure, effective and suitable for all municipal pools and residential users.- Virtually maintenance free and made with corrosion proof materials. A lifetime warranty on the frame.Standard SplashA portable deck mounted lift with 359 degree access that can be operated by either the user or attendant.Splash! Spa (replaces Hi)Designed for use with spas up to 52- (1320mm) above the deck.Splash! Hi/LoThe perfect accessory for facilities that have an above ground spa and an in-ground pool. The dual position chair allows a single lift to be used in both locations.Features:- A removable deck mounted aquatic lift. Can be used with existing deck anchors or easily installed with any standard anchor.- Provides 359

AXS Domestic Lift

The AXS is designed for residential and hospitality and multi-unit facilities. It is the perfectsolution for those seeking a sensible solution for providing access to their swimming pools for users with disabilities.The AXS is easy to operate and maintain, it is transportable, reliable and is priced to fit into any budget. In addition the AXS features attractive design which blends into any pool environment without projecting and institutional appearance.Standing a mere 32- above the deck, the aXs provides 360 degree rotation to ensure sufficient clear deck space for safe transfers on and off the lift. The aXs is intended to be used with simple pool gutter configurations having a deck to water distance of no more than six inches.The AXS is fabricated using both aluminium extrusions and stainless steel. All surfaces are treated with a tough and attractive powder coated finish to protect against prolonged exposure to the elements. Custom colours are available. The housing is formed in ABS plastic with an acrylic cap to minimise the discolouration due to exposure to the sun. With a lifting capacity of 300 pounds, the basic version of the AXS meets the All Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines and features an exclusive seating system. This system, designed for people with disabilities, is wider and deeper than most conventional seats and has no edges to restrict transfer.