Closed Probe Dosing Systems


Closed Probe Systems
Closed Amperometric Chlorine Probe systems offer the most accurate free chlorine residual measurement available (displayed in ppm).

The probe has an ion selective membrane which only allows the hypochlorous ion to enter the probe sensor area. This means that only the hypochlorous ions contribute to thesignal output which results in a highly accurate reading.

Installation, Commissioning & Training
Various on-site assistance packages are available. Please contact the CertiChem team for further details.
Free On-Site Survey
Certikin offer a free, no obligation, on-site survey to specify equipment and
training required. To arrange a visit to your site, please contact the CertiChem
team for more information.
* Pumps (where applicable), tanks and other accessories are required in order to form a complete system. See page 319 for more information

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