It pays to choose Certikin and Calorex

Did you know that Calorex’s Delta 14 and 16 are the only swimming pool heat recovery dehumidifiers to feature on the Government's Energy Technology List and therefore benefit from a 100% write-off against taxable profits (Enhanced Capital Allowance). 

Providing a major cash boost for the commercial sector, the ECA scheme is designed to encourage energy efficiency and allows compliant machinery to benefit from a 100 per cent write-off against taxable profits in the first year. Inclusion in the list is recognition that the compact and powerful Calorex Delta 14 and 16 are recognised as providing low carbon and energy efficient environmental control for swimming pool halls.

Designed to work as a combined heat pump and dehumidifier with ventilation and heat recovery, these systems are incredibly efficient offering huge energy savings.  Compared to traditional systems, savings of over 60 per cent are achievable and CO2 emissions dramatically reduced by up to 70 per cent.

Certikin is the UK’s exclusive supplier of Calorex equipment to the wet leisure Industry and its Sales Director, Richard Way, says: ‘This accreditation means that contractors who install these Delta units have a real edge over competitors. As well as the Enhanced Capital Allowances, by choosing Calorex, organisations can also apply for a low-interest loan from the Carbon Trust. Alternatively, leasing agreements are available allowing tax relief on the capital sum in the first year with the added benefit of an extended repayment term.’

Open to all businesses paying UK Corporation or Income Tax, all commercial projects can claim capital allowances but the initiative will particularly suit health clubs, golf clubs, hotels and UK holiday parks. To benefit, claimants simply need to include the relevant information on their annual tax return, providing a reference to the Delta 14 and 16 products’ inclusion in the ECA List.

For further information contact Certikin's H&V department Tel: 01993 777200


Calorex Delta

Calorex Delta