HLX Commercial Filter


The HLX range is manufactured with a liner employing special resins which form a watertight, anti-corrosive barrier, giving high resistance to chemicals. It is also suitable for salt water pools. An outer fibre glass shell isthen applied to the liner, using the bobbin winding process - this gives the finished tank its final working and test ratings.

The standard filter is manufactured with a polyester shell. For ozone systems a vinylester shell is available upon request. The HLX comes with a pressure gauge panel.

Working pressure: 2.5kg/cm2 / 35.56 psi / 2.45 BAR
Test pressure: 3.75kg/cm2 / 53.3 psi / 3.68 BAR
Special working pressure: 4kg / cm2
Maximum temperature: 50 deg C
Available options: Bed depths 0.6m, 1m and 1.2m

- Polyester shell lining
- Polypropylene arm collectors
- PVC distribution pipework
- 400mm diameter bolted top access hatch
- 400mm diameter side access hatch
- Automatic air relief valve
- Sand and water drain port
- Flanged inlet and outlet connections
- Pressure gauge panel



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