Electric Mixers - Single Phase

Electric Mixers incorporate relatively small TEFC motors. The motor is rated at a maximum of 1A, however, it ordinarily operates nearer to 0.5A.

The mixers incorporate three bearings, two within the motor arrangement and a third supporting the shaft. This is protected with a lip seal arrangement to prevent ingress etc by the chemical being agitated.

Overload protection for these small mixers is critical. The primary reason being that excess loading on the impeller or shaft will result in the motor drawing greater amps and, if not suitably arranged, the unit will ultimately self-destruct.

If the correct protection is in place as soon as these small mixers enter into an ‘overload’ situation, the automatic power supply interruption prevents the unit from terminally failing.

Please specify rpm required at the point of ordering low speed mixers. High speed recommended for use with Cal Hypo.