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Centurio Pool

Multiparameter Control System for Swimming Pools and Spas

CENTURIO POOL is a digital control instrument designed for multiparameter control of dosing systems for swimming pool water treatment.

Equipped with a Linux operating system, a high-performance ARM A5 microprocessor and a large color touchscreen, CENTURIO POOL offers everything you need to manage even the most complex swimming pool system.

The CENTURIO POOL can simultaneously manage up to 10 channels to read the following parameters: pH, free chlorine, combined chlorine, active free chlorine, total chlorine, conductivity, ORP, NTU, tank levels and pool water level. For each channel CENTURIO POOL has 2 digital setpoints (ON / OFF), 2 proportional setpoints (IS), 1 mA output setpoint and 1 Temperature setpoint; you can also set 6 timers with a maximum of 10 daily schedules each. It can also be set to work with pH priorities and can control flocculant output, shock chlorination and backwashing, pool covers, heating and lights.

It is possible to save and restore different configurations of set up. So, when you have a CENTURIO POOL installed and you turn up to perform a service and someone has helpfully (ahem) fiddled with the settings, you will be able to simply restore the original commissioning settings quickly and easily.

CENTURIO POOL can be connected to the internet via Wi-Fi, GSM or ethernet and remotely controlled via ERMES, the online control system designed by EMEC. It is also equipped with the MODBUS serial communication protocol (optional) which allows connection with other devices within RS485 networks.

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