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QUEST01 - Ioniser / oxidiser pool system - for domestic pools up to 240m³

Product description

The QUEST ioniser / oxidiser produces hydroxide and oxygen ions via electrolysis to break down organic debris (sweat, sun cream, dust, leaves etc). The final process is a de scaler that prevents hard calcium build-up. This last process as well as preserving the pool plumbing efficiency also helps the sanitisation as calcium deposits become breeding sites for bacteria.

The three processes in the system work together in a cooperative interaction to produce a system that overall is more effective than the sum of the constituent parts.

Key benefits of our QUEST system are:
• The ions we put into the water have excellent latency and remain active for long periods after the sanitiser has been operated. This contrasts with the chemical systems that need longer operation, monitoring and top up with the active chemicals.
• No handling and storage of chemicals.
• Simple and quick to install and operate.
• No bleaching of the pool surrounds, tiles and quicker erosion of swimwear.

QUEST is undoubtably the most effective and cost-efficient system on the market today and it’s made in the UK with all European biocidal certified components.