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WOOD - Certikin wooden pool

Product description

Superior wooden pools, British built to the highest quality

Made of Scandinavian redwood and Iroko hardwood, they are built to the highest standard. The redwood walls are professionally notched in-house on our state-of-the-art machinery to guarantee ease of build and maximise the strength of the construction. They have no side buttresses which can be unattractive and take up valuable space, nor do they require any concreted-in steel supports, making installation far easier. The steel plates and shoes used in the construction of Certikin wooden pools have been designed to remove the need for extra external bracing found on other timber pools. All this adds up to give one of the strongest free- standing pools on the market.

Available in three sizes; 4.2m x 4.2m, 6m x 4.2m and 4.7m x 2.9m, the pool packages come complete with steps, Certikin flow fittings, filtration, maintenance kit, solar bubble cover and a 30thou liner from Certikin’s in-house liner production facility. The 4.7m x 2.9m Dolphin Sport is ideal for the addition of a Fastlane swimming machine which will enhance the fun factor and boost exercise potential.

The structural timber has a 10-year guarantee and being supplied from the UK’s leading swimming pool equipment manufacturer you can be confident you are not just getting excellent product quality, but the unrivalled service care that is available before and after your purchase.

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