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VF002/1016 - Versoflor coloured insert plug (100) – sulphur yellow RAL1016

Product description

Versoflor - Creating Amazing Spaces

Creativity and imagination are at the heart of Versoflor. Our philosophy is to provide exceptional customer enjoyment through the ability to imagine amazing spaces that enhance, add comfort, beauty and excitement to any environment. Versoflor provides a limitless spectrum of colour options, combined with an unparalleled ability to form texture and a personalised style developed from your own creative ideas.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, Versoflor is a revolutionary new flooring product offering unparalleled versatility and quality suitable for use in a whole host of indoor and outdoor environments. Versoflor provides you with the ability to recognise your own creativity and bring that to life using our unique Push-in Mosaic system. Each Base Tile can hold 196 coloured inserts and through an Unlimited Colour palette of RAL colours you are free to create your own designs and logos or even highlight walk ways and introduce mood lighting using our optional LED Lighting system that simply connects to the underside of the Base Tile to provide even more amazing options (extra charges and lead times may apply for some bespoke options).

To enhance your space further Versoflor brings true functionality to any environment with its ability to accommodate Cable Routing and Under Floor Heating (available from summer 2020) beneath the Base Tile. Quick Installation is key, and you simply locate the cables or heating system into the pre-moulded slots and fix in place with our cable fixing system.

The Versoflor design provides natural drainage when laid over other floors and can be used as an integrated final flooring system to enhance pool and spa areas and then run seamlessly into changing rooms and other parts of the home or complex (underfloor drainage is required). You are only limited by your own imagination.

The simple yet unique design allows each component to be locked together quickly, easily and neatly. The base tiles can be trimmed, and then still connected to other tiles allowing for installation into almost any space. All components are manufactured from our specially developed polytrobe material which is UV, water and chemical resistant and incorporates antimicrobials for added safety to combat floor dwelling bacteria. All finished surfaces have an anti-slip texture whilst the considerate design makes them comfortable under foot.

In its simplest form, the Base Tile can be laid as an open ‘mat’ over another floor to offer a non-slip, drain through, durable surface – additional trim pieces can be added to the edge and corner of each Base Tile providing a neat aesthetically pleasing, none trip transition onto other floors. Alternatively, the Base Tile can be laid as a fully installed final floor, either with the available edge and corner trims, or by installing it up to other surfaces. The Base Tile are sized 300mm x 300mm x 14mm, include moulded connection pieces and are supplied in packs of nine.

Versoflor carries a 2-year manufacturers guarantee.