Wysiwash Cleaning System

Wysiwash Sprayer and Chemical Kit

Before your pool can reopen, you need an easy way to sanitise public areas quickly, affordably, & effectively. You need the Wysiwash Sanitising System.

Spray down your entire pool deck – including the chairs, railings, and showers – in just minutes. Wysiwash is no mix, no rinse so you can sanitise and get back to business.

Since 2000, public pools, apartment complexes, hotels and park departments have trusted Wysiwash to protect their visitors’s health and safety. Wysiwash’s pool-safe formula is formulated to kill viruses, bacteria, and mould, including coronavirus.

Wysiwash’s patented dispensing technology ensures that the Sanitiser-V emits the correct ratio of chlorine to water. Because Wysiwash dispenses a constant stream of freshly mixed sanitiser, it doesn’t need irritating stabilisers or additives that need to be rinsed off.

The Wysiwash Sprayer utilises a 300gm Calcium Hypochlorite stick with a clear wrap that provides slow dissolution of the product whilst maintaining a 250ppm solution strength.

The application system complies with the relevant regulatory requirements in the EU as well as the UK. When utilised as per the instructions will give in excess of three hours of spraying per stick. Adhering to the recommended contact time and use instructions this product will eradicate numerous contaminants as certified within EN 14476 including coronavirus and other viruses on the contact material surface.

*Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.