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QUEST01 | Ioniser / oxidiser pool system - for domestic pools up to 240m³

Product description

QUEST is a revolutionary breakthrough in swimming pool technology that sanitises water without requiring additional chemicals. Using a powerful combination of silver and copper electrode ionisation the system kills the bacteria and algae in the pool whilst at the same time the oxidising cell destroys and breaks down organic debris (caused by sweat, sun cream, dust, leaves, etc), leaving pure crystal clear and clean water.

A pulsed magnetic chamber further helps to improve the water quality by preventing the formation of new scale. This not only improves the efficiency of the pool’s filtration, circulation and heating equipment but also helps with the sanitisation as calcium deposits which are a breeding ground for bacteria no longer occur.

QUEST is simple and quick to install and operate whilst being less harmful, less expensive to maintain and more effective than traditional chlorine-based systems. In fact, one user of the system commented that they “thought their existing saltwater pool was awesome however now it does not come close to this freshwater system”. Within just two days they noticed a massive change with the water clean and clear giving the feeling they had just stepped out of a shower!

In water with good conductivity the system will operate without requiring any salt to be added to the pool water. In pools where the conductivity of the water is low as little as 0.5ppm of salt may be required to enable the oxidising cell to operate efficiently

Made in the UK with all European biocidal certified components it is one of most effective and cost-efficient systems on the market.

With the world experiencing supply issues for chemicals there is no better time to switch to QUEST, giving pool owners the opportunity to be self-sufficient in managing their water quality.