Certikin Skimmers - Concrete Pools


Certikin skimmers are designed to extract water from the surface of the pool in order to extract and retain leaves, floating debris etc, preventing it from sinking to the bottom of the pool. These 22 litre skimmers are made of white ABS high-strength material and have a recommended flow rate of 7.5m3/h at 0.5m/s with 50mm (1.5) pipework.
- Robust one-piece body reduces the risk of water loss from the pool.
- Outlet connections in imperial and metric
- Overflow and water fill outletsprovided
- Extending collar and square lid for ease of installation (NB round lid frames now available as an optional extra - part no SPC403R)
- Extension throats allow the skimmer body to be positioned ANY DISTANCE from the pool wall - ideal when using an automatic pool cover or when designing a pool with an ornate surround

These skimmers are suitable for a concrete/tile pool installation. Versions are also available for concrete/liner pools and panel/liner pools."

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