Besgo Automatic Backwash Valve C/W Solenoid


Manufactured in Switzerland, the Besgo valve is a hydraulic drive system controlled by a single 240v solenoid.

When powered, the valve opens and forces the hydraulic system into an alternative position, directing water through a different route. Activate the solenoid again and the system will return to its original state, thus providing automated switching from filtration to backwash and vice versa.

- 3 to 5 bar mains water pressure or compressed air required to actuate the system
- The solenoid can be controlled by several methods. E.g. timed, pressure, manual etc.
- In the event of power failure the valve remains in its closed position (normal filtration) therefore preventing accidental emptying of the pool.
- Closed in less than 2 seconds
- Silent operation
- No pressure hammer
- Low pressure loss
- With power failure valve is shut
- No need to turn the pump off
- Control panel available with backwash programme capability



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