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Aquaspeed Pumps

The Certikin Aquaspeed swimming pool pump is available in a choice of sizes from 0.5HP to 3HP. It has a single piece fibreglass pump body to ensure maximum strength and durability. The solid clear pump lid allows for easy inspection of the pump basket. It is suitable for salt chlorinated pools and has a hydraulically efficient impeller and diffuser design for maximum hydraulic output whilst minimising turbulence.Features:- Solid clear pump lid for easy inspection of the pump basket- Secondary seal for added pump mpotor protection- Comes complete with 2- quick connect unions for ease of installation- 316 grade mechanical seal- Suitable for salt chlorinated pools- UV stabilised and corrosion resistant pump body- TUV approved- Exclusive to CertikinCertikin Aquaspeed Variable Speed PumpThe Aquaspeed 100 Eco-V pump is the latest addition to the range, and includes all of the pump body features, but incorporates a variable speed motor that helps to reduce pool running costs. It is ideal for new installations or retro-fit as the connections are the same as the single speed Aquaspeed. The Aquaspeed 100 Eco-V is equipped with the very latest state of the art variable seed permanent magnet brushless motor that results in the ability to vary the motor speed depending on the installation which in turn varies the water flow resulting in a reduction in energy consumption.Aquaspeed 100 Eco-V has 3 variable pump settings that can each be programmed to ensure that the performance is at the most efficient and cost effective:- Low speed for standard filtration (99% of the time)- Medium speed for use with automatic pool cleaners - High speed for vacuuming and backwashing

Viron eVo Variable Speed Pump

Certikin is proud to release the next evolution in energy efficiency. Viron eVo Pumps are a range of fully variable speed energy efficient pumps to suit all pool sizes, filtration systems and your budget.The Viron PumpThe next evolution in energy efficiency- The right size pump to suit your pool and filtration system- Saves you money- 8 star energy rating- Reduce CO2--emissions- Quiet operation- Longer equipment LifeMost swimming pools are effectively filtered and sanitised with flow rates ranging from 7-12m3/hr. In fact they will never require more than 15m3/hr - 18m3/hr for tasks such as cleaning the filter or vacuuming the pool, and for these the Viron P320 eVo is ideal. However, for larger pools, multiple Spa Jets, water features or in floor cleaning systems, a larger capacity pump may be required. For these applications, Certikin have introduced the Viron P600 eVo, a pump with an impressive 36m3/hr flow rate.Simplicity of OperationUnlike so many complicated appliances today, Viron eVo has been carefully designed for ease of operation. Three programmed speeds are factory preset and will suit most pools and most applications. Each speed however, is able to be adjusted with a simple press of an up or down button. Operation is intuitive, with specific design input from the non IT generation to make the Viron eVo as user friendly as possible.The perfect match for your poolMany factors dictate the ideal flow rate for your pool or spa. The filter often limits the maximum flow, but so will the plumbing and other equipment installed such as chlorinators, heaters, cleaners and water features. Each pump speed can be changed to optimise the water flow to suit your pool shape, cleaner type, size and location, making the Viron eVo rangeof pumps the most flexible and easy to use variable speed pumps on the market. Suction cleaners, pressure cleaners, waterfalls, spa jets and infloor cleaning systems are all easy to cater for with Viron eVo Pumps' flexibility and programmability.Energy SavingsIncreasing or decreasing the speed of a pump simply changes the flow rate by the same rate. However, the actual energy used to change the speed and flow varies dramatically. Halve the speed of your pump and the flow rate will also halve but, the energy consumed drops by more than 85%. Compared to conventional single speed pumps, the Viron eVo pump will save on operating costs. Environmentally FriendlyThe Viron eVo range takes new steps forward in environmentally friendly pumps. In fact, a conventional single speed pump uses more energy, and is the cause of more O2 emissions than almost any other household appliance. Viron eVo pumps reduce energy consumption by up to 90% and effectively reduce greenhouse emissions by up to 90% (when power supplied from coal fired power plants). But, manufacturing a pump also contributes to greenhouse emissions. The larger the motor, the more raw materials go into it, and the more greenhouse emissions are used to produce the motor. Viron produce the right size motor for your individual application, reducing our carbon footprint in the manufacturing process.Built For The Tough Summer ClimatesYour Viron eVo Pump is a significant investment. Each individual component is carefully designed and selected for maximum life span in the tough climates. 316 stainless steel hardware, robust engineering plastics and high quality silicone seals create a pump that lasts. Even the motor and sophisticated electronics are carefully designed and manufactured to be easily serviced and repaired.

Intelliflo Variable Speed Pump

Intelliflo pumps provide vastly reduced energy consumption compared to standard pool pumps. By reducing the speed of the motor energy is saved and filtration can be improved by reducing the velocity through the filter bed.Intelliflo 56PR VSD:- reduced energy consumption- low noise at low RMP- quick-lock trap cover for easy cleaning and large see through lid- suitable for salt-chlorinated water (up to 4.5% salt concentrate)

Certikin Euroswim Pump

The sought after Euroswim is a low noise, self-priming centrifugal pump with a large pre-filter basked enabling the user to empty less often and minimise maintenance.Features- High efficiency pump for swimming pools- High capacity pre-filter: Up to 1.5HP 4 litres and 3HP from 5 litres- 2- suction and discharge ports reinforced with stainless steel rings- Liquid temperature: Up to 60 deg C- Ambient temperature: Up to 50 deg C- Reduced noise levels of 53-64 LpA- Strainer cover in clear polycarbonate to guarantee constant visibility through time- Suitable for salt chlorinated pools

Inverters / Variable Speed Drives

Submersible Pumps

SUB-1 Submersible Pump is a plastic submersible pump working from a 0.5hp, 0.33kW motor. Working amperage is 3.5A. Use 1.25- floating hose (FLX125) with this submersible pump.SUB-4 Verty Nova Submersible Pump is a submersible drainage pump with integral float switch.- Motor size 0.4kW 230/1/50- 9m max head- 1100 l/hr max flow- Can take particles up to 5mm- Max temp of water 40 deg C- Low suction capability 2-3mm (manual mode)

Invertors / Variable Speed Drives

This variable speed drive Invertor offers a potential payback of less than six months. Easy to installand programme, it is suitable for various pump models and can be linked to a Building ManagementSystem.Features- IP66 rated- Can be linked to BMS- Keypad controls- Up to 50oC operating conditions- Easy to install and programme- Payback potentially less than 6 monthsSuitable for various pump models including: BP Range, BHP Range, Calpeda, Modern, Hurricane, Giant, Great Giant, Hydrostar, Columbia, Victoria, Aral, Maxim, Shark, Speck, Hayward, Waterco, Starite and DAB.Example Of Cost Saving at 2015 prices.Pump Size 5.5HP (4.1kW) 3 phase pump.Operating time: 24 hours per day, 7 days a week,52 weeks per year

Certikin Giant Pump

Giant is a centrifugal swimming pool pump designed to offer high performance in water filtration and depuration of public swimming pools.This pump is fitted with a high capacity pre-filter with easy handles stainless steel basket.On demand manufactured with a special mechanical seal for use with sea water.Features:- Pump body: Polypropylene 30% fibreglass- Filter basket: Stainless steel AISI 304- Shaft: Stainless steel AISI 304- Mechanical Seal: Carbon + resin + ceramics- Impellor: Polypropylene 30% fibreglass- Motor: IE2 rated- Waterproof: IP55

Hurricane Pump

Certikin's Hurricane Pump range offers all the power and performance of traditional cast iron centrifugal pump with the added versatility of a chemically resistant, lightweight modern plastic design. Capable of pumping large volumes of water at high pressure, Hurricane swimming pool pumps are supplied with 3-phase motors starting at 2.9kW (4.0HP) through to 9.2kW (12.5HP) achieving flows in excess of 150 m3/hr.Features- Flooded suction- Suitable for salt water applications- Available with or without pre-filters- Quick fit union connections- Plastic composite body- 316 stainless steel shaft- Plastic impellor on 4.0HP and 5.5HP models - Bronze impellor on 7.5HP, 10HP, 12.5HP models- 316 grade stainless steel strainer basket on pre-filter models- IP55 protection rated- Max water temp 40 degrees C.- Alternative voltages available on request