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Genie Genie N&P Gas Heater

The Certikin Genie range of gas condensing pool heaters is one of the worlds only condensing pool heaters. The Genie S now features a water to water heat exchanger with cupro-nickel tubes to provide long lasting durability even on salt chlorinated pools. Using condensing technology the Genie range delivers up to a fantastic 94% efficiency compared to standard direct fired pool heaters which typically operate at between 60 to 80%.Features- Available in 36kw (123,000btu) and 49kW (167,000btu) outputs- Only one unit to stock for either natural or LPG - supplied natural gas with conversion kit to LPG included- Tamper proof lockable pool temperature display in degrees C or degrees F.- Up to 94% condensing efficiency - equivalent to Sedbuk A- Running cost reduced by up to 30%- Environmentally friendly- Modulating output for accurate temperature control & increased efficiency- IP44 for indoor or outdoor installations- Quiet running- Lightweight compact design- Pool connection left to right OR right to left- Simple condensate disposal connections left or right side - Pre-plumbed c/w a double non return valve & filling loop- Plastic flue kits, push fit horizontal and/or vertical up to 20m- Honeywell CVI controls- Multiple heater kit options up to 400kw output (8 heaters)- CCP pool control panel compatible- Wall mounting kit available

Multiple Heater Installation Kit

These kits enable the installation of two or more Certikin Genie Condensing Boilers or Certikin Oil Fired Heaters on one pool.

Elecro Nano Splash Pool Heater

Elecro Nano Splasher Pool Heater- Easy installation, plug and play- Robust, durable construction- Analogue control with 1OC differential- Ultra reliable flow switch allows safe operation with 1000 ltr / hr- 316 stainless steel flow tube- May be floor or vertically mounted- 2 years conditional warranty- Titanium model suitable for salt chlorinated water

Elecro Optima Compact Heaters

Elecro Optima Compact Heaters (with Titanium elements)- designed for in-ground, above-ground & splasher pools- suitable for domestic and small commercial environments- available in 3kW - 24kW- touch screen 'set-and-forget' display- BMS integration ready- digital control thermostat & water temperature

Elecro Titanium Heat-Exchangers

Elecro G2 Heat ExchangersElecro Multi-Tubular heat exchangers are comprised of a 38-piece Titanium tube bundle, giving a vast surface contact area for the two water circuits.The primary circuit chamber - through which water from the heating source travels, is very narrow ensuring heat is absorbed and replaced with Hot water quickly.These strategic design features enable the Elecro heat exchangers to perform very efficiently even when working with low value Primary temperatures, such as Solar heating systems.The rigid aluminium jacket encapsulating a pocket of air, thermally insulates the entire unit ensuring that heat is transferred within the desired chamber and absorbed by the swimming pool water, rather than lost to the atmosphere.Titanium Tube Bundles make the Elecro Heat Exchangers ideal for use on Salt Chlorinated pools.

Bowman Heat Exchangers

Bowman Heat Exchanger - Suitable for salt chlorinated poolsBowman heat exchangers incorporate an integrated end cover which accommodates a solvent weld connection direct to the pool water flow pipework.European & British Standard fittings are available with an integrated thermostat pocket provided as standard.- Also available for cooling in conjunction with our Calorex chillers.- Bowman heat exchangers are also available with stainless steel and titanium tube stacks.Please call for details.

Certikin Finned Heat Exchanger

Certikin Finned Heat ExchangersFor Certikin Finned Heat Exchanger female thread composite unions are required - 11/2- for HESPA, HE100, HE130, HE170 & HE230. 2- required for HE460.Certikin Heat Exchangers are not suitable for use with saltwater pools

Budget Range Dantherm Heat Pumps

These heat pumps are a design and manufacture collaboration between Calorex and the Dantherm Group. The Dantherm HPP heat pump is easy to install and is an affordable option for pool water heating.Four models are available: HPP6; HPP8; HPP12 and HPP15, with a fifth model becoming available later in 2018.Features:- quiet operation- aesthetically pleasing design with an attractive graphite grey ABS cabinet- Scroll or Rotary Compressor (dependent upon product size)- reverse cycle defrost, enabling operation down to 3degC air temp- water temperature range 15degC to 40degC- 'smart' pool pump control- condensate drain connection- supplied with 1.5" & 50mm socket unions for the water connectionsThese units come with a 3 year warranty:- 1 year on site parts and labour- 2 further years warranty - parts only