Pool Fittings (29)

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Instruction Books & Leaflets (pf)

These installation guides are designed for used with Certikin's popular Vycon block and liner pool kit, but can be used as a handy guide for any DIY pool build.

Refurb Kits for Liner Pools (pf)

These kits contain the spare parts for Certikin pool fittingsthat you are likely to need to replace during a pool refurbishment or liner change.

Flolux Stainless Steel Pool & Spa …

The design-protected Flolux range represents a full suite of visible wall fittings for pools, spas and water features and will offer discerning owners a superior, safe and affordable finish.Innovatively designed in Australia, Flolux fittings are suitable for concrete pools, spas and other submerged applications; sit flush to pool and spa walls and floors; are designed for easy installation and can be easily installed directly into 1.5" pipe.Flolux fascias are designed and sculpted from 316 stainless; are polished for a superior, first-class finish; and are safely secured to the high-grade PVC backing through the FloLock System.Please Note: Flolux fittings should not be used in any body of water where an electrical charge is produced by a sanitation system or otherwise.

Stainless Steel Lights

Made from stainless steel (AISI-316), these lights can be installed in both concrete and prefabricated pools. They are equipped with a 300z 12v lamp and packing gland. The light is screwed into its niche, and should be connectedto the mains by means of a transformer.When choosing the number of lights necessary for the pool, you should take into account the following points:- To illuminate a pool correctly, one 300W light is needed for every 25-35m2 of water surface- With very deep pools, one 300W underwater light is needed for every 30-40m3 volume of water

Stainless Steel Wall Fittings

Made from stainless steel (AISI-316), these wall inlets can be installed in both concrete and prefabricated pools. Various types are available including return inlets forreturning the filtered water to the pool or suction inlets for connecting to the vacuum cleaner.

Stainless Steel Drains

Made from stainless steel (AISI-316), these drains have a 2 side connection and can be installed in both concrete and prefabricated pools."

Stainless Steel Skimmer

Made from stainless steel (AISI-316) with a 50mm diameter overflow outlet. The skimmer can be installed in both concrete and prefabricated pools.

S/Steel Certikin Fittings Transformati…

The new Certikin Stainless Steel Transformation Kits are designed to transform standard Certikin plastic fittings into luxurious polished stainless steel fittings. The kit includes Cover Plate, Adaptor Fitting and Grille or Vac Cover Plate as applicable. (Eyeball not supplied).Ideal for refurbishment or new build, these kits will transform the look of any pool.

Commercial Main Drains - Liner Pools

Commercial Main DrainsMain drains must be arranged so that there is no risk on bathers being drawn towards them or trapped there. It is recommended that a minimum of 2 x Main Drains are installed 2 metres apart. A reinforced grille is available for main drains intended for shallow pools. Please refer to the CAD drawings for technical details.