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Underwater Speakers

These 20W underwater speakers have been designed to fit inside a Certikin light niche (in place of light guts) and have a rated power impedence of 8 ohms. An isolating transformer should be used with each speaker. The speakers should be driven by an amplifier of a suitable size please consult a hi-fi specialist to ensure correct sizing.

LumiPlus Mini LED Lights

The New LumiPlus Mini LED light range with more illumination intensity, higher quality and energy efficiency. LumiPlus Mini LEDs are offered in Pure White finish and Stainless steel effect featuring In-Mould decoration methods to create the perfect stainless steel look. Colour Change versions are compatible with the existing PLRC100 Controller and PLRC100 Remote Control.Supplied as standard with 2.5m cable (other lengths are available to order). The LumiPlus Mini LED is best installed via the LTHD900 wall Conduit but can also be simply fitted into 63mm pipe using the adaptors supplied.

Mini ABS LED Lighting

High Intensity MINI multicolour or white LED lamps are environmentally friendly thanks to its long 100,000 hour life (70% light output after 50,000 hours). It's compact design makes it perfect for shallow areas of a pool for example pool steps, and also spas. It can be installed in concrete pools, prefabricated, pools, liner pools and spas and has is available with stainless steel or white ABS front plates, and as a colour change LEDs (RGB) or a white light.Each MINI multicolour light comes with 2 x 2w LED's (blue/green) plus 1 x 1w red LED. IP68 protection, low voltage (12 V AC)Use the MINI light with the control panel for maximum effect. The MINI control panel features an integral transformer and can be connected directly to the mains. It also features a push button controller to alternate between 6 set colours and 6 sequences. Each MINI control panel will synchronise up to 4 lights.

Par56 Type LED Lighting

These Certikin lights are high intensity LED lights with a minimum lamp life of 100,000 hours that come in either a Certikin PU6 Quick Change niche system or the traditional PU9 Angled niche system. Both white and multicolour LED options are available.Lights require a 12v power supply and consume 24w (white) or 60w (colour). The colour change lights has 12 modes - 6 set colours and 6 sequences.The lights can be controlled in two ways: 1. By installing a push button for each light. 2. With a control panel which can be synchronised up to 15 lights. An optional remote control is available for the control panel.

Certikin Quick-Change Lights

The Certikin Quick Change Underwater Light is a revolution in under water light design and features numerous benefits for the pool builder and customer alike. - The lamp holder of the new light has no screws, nuts or bolts and is held in place with a threaded ring on a new purpose-made gasket. This means no tools are needed to change the bulb, thus reducing the bulb changing time. - The niche is smaller in diameter than other lighting systems and has an optional vertical and horizontal cable exit allowing greater flexibility of installation. The unit has been designed for use with the standard PU8 sealed beam bulb and Certikin's PU11S transformer.- The niche can be fitted with a puddle flange for concrete pools, has a lower front edge to aid in gunite installations and has an adjustable front cover ring to allow variance in tiling and screeding depths. - The liner version comes with longer 2 screws to suit different panel and one-piece pool thicknesses. - An optional 316 stainless steel fascia ring is available to enhance the finish for any pool. - The Quick Change Light is supplied in a full-colour printed carton for maximum shop exposure."