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Fastlane Counter Current

Easy Installation & MaintenanceRoll the Fastlane across your pool deck and drop it into the water. Simple hydraulics means no electricity poolside.Fits AnywhereFree form or rectangular; gunite, vinyl or fibreglass; new construction or retrofit - the Fastlane puts the swim into any swimming pool.Swim Without TurningPool too short for a good swim- A Fastlane lets you swim for as long as you like without turning. Adjust the Fastlane to your pace and enjoy swimming in a smooth, even, river-like current.Kid EndorsedSwimmers love the quality of our adjustable speed, swim current - kids love it because it's just plain fun. A Fastlane transforms your pool into a waterpark.NEW Fastlane Fit@HomeTake your exercise to the next level with our new Fit@Home app/kit. The app allows you to control your Endless Pool/Fastlane using any smart device. Easily set the pace and duration of the swim current, underwater treadmill or both! Fit@Home also acts as a smart display allowing you to see your swim speed and duration while in the pool.Fastlane - Features- Can be fitted in virtually any pool.- Minimum water depth required is 35-- 16- propeller- Remote controlled.- Adjustable speed setting suitable for all swimming levels.- Ideal for exercise, therapy and fun.

Fluvo Xanas & Xanas Pressure Sensi…

XANAS is and award-winning counter current system that combines modern design with maximum operating comfort. It is characterised by an extra-flat design with an integrated suction through a brushed stainless or ABS drop-shaped grill for an optimum flow. It can be specified with pressure sensitive switches or rotary knobs with single or three phase options and maximum flow rates between 42m3/h and 72m3/h.

Certikin Counter-Current Unit

Discover a new way to enjoy your pool – and exercise at the same time! The Swimfit Counter Current system is especially designed with small private pools in mind. With a Swimfit Counter Current installed in your pool you can swim as far as you like, for as long as you like. The system is equipped with a 3HP pump to create a counterstream of water which allows you to swim on the spot. The adjustable current means that swimmers of all levels can swim at their own pace for as long as they like. The directional inlet allows a 15-degree inclination in any direction and also features an adjustable air/water mixer for a relaxing bubble massage effect. What’s included • Faceplate assembly & housing with jet • On/off controls • 3 HP pump (1 or 3 phase) with connection accessories (2 x elbows, 2 x valves – pipework not included) • Control box to activate the pump via the controls on the faceplate. Specifications: • Flow Qmax - 40m3/h • Pump Capacity - 3HP • Electrical requirements - 220v or 380v • Water return connection - Ø 90mm • Water impulsion connection- Ø 75mm • Air tube connection -Ø 20mm • Flexible Pipe - Ø 2 x 3.5 • Adjustable jet - Ø 41mm • Max. angle adjustment of jet - 15degrees The Swimfit counter current is also suitable for installation with a 4HP pump - please contact us for a quotation.

Air Pad

A cool bath in the surfMillions of dancing, finely distributed bubbles rise to the surface of the water in a stimulating bubble pool. They gently brush past the skin, tingling like a glass of champagne, but also as soothing and as relaxing as a day by the sea.Air and water come together where the sea breaks on the shore. The power of the elements is discharged in a foaming mass, bubbling with energy. Almost like a fluvo

Fluvo S/Steel Water Curtains

Water curtains are manufactured in grade 316 stainless steel with a brushed finish. White powder coated optionis available, please enquire for details.

Fluvo Massage Jets

Fluvo systems generate gently vibrating massage jet streams for a particularly effective and healthy massage. The jet stream is interspersed with thousands of small air bubbles providing a soothing massage. An optimum mixture of air and water is achieved in the swirl chamber, air suction occurring automatically. Choose from a combination of different systems.

Pumps,Blowers,Air Switches,Suctions

Fluvo pumps, blowers, air switches and suctions are to be used with fluvo water curtains, massage jets, air pads, air loungers etc.