Portable Aquatic Lift (PAL)


PAL - Portable Aquatic Lift
A portable powered lift that does not require mounting to the pool deck or the need for a water or electric supply. It can be positioned anywhere around the pool and put away when not in use.


- Completely portable: The unique versatility of the PAL makes it the ideal solution to the problem of access for the disabled or the infirm who would like to use commercial or multi-pool facilities.
- Accessibility: The PAL makes any pool accessible in seconds. It provides 300lb (136kg) lifting capacity together with a 240 degree turning radius for safe transfers away from the pool edge.
- Easy to use: Just roll the PAL to the edge of the pool, lock the wheels, set the stabilisers and it's ready for use.
- User friendly: The PAL incorporates two powerful 24v actuators operated by a water-proof pendant. This means that the PAL can be operated by either the attendant or the user on his or her own.
- Consistent operation: A 24v re-chargeable battery ensures that the PAL will work when you want it to, where you want it to, every time you want it to.
- Negligible maintenance: Virtually maintenance free, made from corrosion resistant materials and coatings.

PAL2 - Portable Aquatic Lift

The PAL2 includes all the greatest benefits and features of the original PAL with a modernised look, but with the additional benefits of the controls on the mast. It comes in a durable matt finish.
Accessories include:
- Stability vest
- Spine board attachment
- Seat pads
- Outdoor cover



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