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Set Descending Direction

Anti-Wave Float Lines & Fixings

Used to mark out the individual lanes in competition swimming, ant-wave float lines also absorb the waves produced by swimmers in adjoining lanes by breaking up all surface turbulence. Their flexible design also allows them to be rolled up for storage.Float lines are available to suit pools of 25m and 50m lengths. For ease of storage, consider a float line roller, suitable for 6 x 25m or 3 x 50m float lines. Float line rollers have a large reel for easy winding and castors for ease of movements, two of the wheels are equipped with brakes to immobilise the apparatus.

Fossil Pearl Grip Tumbled Limestone

The Fossil Pearl Grip Tumbled Limestone is available both as a coping and as a paving set to create the perfect finish to the pool area.A Certikin skimmer lid and frame coping set and a Certikin deck box lid coping system is also available to enhance the pool surround and remove the need for white ABS lids to be on display.

Leckford Sandstone

Standard Single / Double Spine

This grating is sold per metre and can be clipped into to the next section. Pieces can be added or removed individually allowing almost any length of channel to be filled.The grating frame is manufactured to order, and must be used with the standard grating shown in this section.

HDPE Products

Certikin Commercial HDPE GratingCertikins new High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Grating can be made to suit any existing or new grating channel. Any depth, any width and virtually any colour.It comes in a variety of standard colours: neutral, blue, red, black and yellow, but is also available in a limitless colour pallet as well as any RAL colour. High impact strength. High chemical resistance UV stable and virtually unbreakableCertikin Machined Plastic ProductsCertikin can manufacture replacement and new items to suit, such as: Level deck grille Grating Main drain grille and frames- Inlet covers Manhole covers Skimmer lids- Skimmer face plates Steam diffusers Spa grating Poolside benching

Pool Paint

Pool Paint 5 litres of Water based paint (codes WO652 and RB16405) covers approximately 40sqm (410sq ft) for single coat coverage. 5 litres of Chlorinated Rubber paint (codes CRP05B, CRP05BLK and CRP05W) covers approximately 40 sq m (410 sq ft) for single coat coverage. Other colours of Water based paint may be obtained on special order. Important - Water based paint CAN be used on top of rubber based paint. Rubber based paint CANNOT be used on top of water based paint. Rubber base paint not suitable for marble / cement lined pools. Please note the above coverage figures stated are for guidance only and are dependent on the type of surface to be painted.