Certikin moves to consolidate its sales and technical support

The sales and technical support functions of Certikin North (the manufacturing hub for the company’s market leading liners and covers) have been transferred from Leeds to Certikin’s head office in Witney, Oxfordshire. 

 “In centralising all these functions in the south we can combine resources to improve the service and backup that we offer our customers,” says Managing Director, Neil Murray. “The manufacturing side of Certikin North’s business remains unchanged in Leeds.”

To accommodate the move, a new Liners and Covers division specialising in the Certikin North product range is now fully operational in Witney.  This is headed up by Product Manager,Craig Williamson, who brings many years of experience, both in Certikin’s Water Treatment and Commercial Divisions, to this new challenge.

In respect of On-Site Lining, the sales and technical aspects are now handled by the new Liners and Covers team, whilst the management of the site lining engineers is fulfilled by Ann Westwood who is part of Certikin’s existing Service team.  Scott Cowan, our original on-site lining engineer has been promoted to Site Lining Team Leader.

Certikin North’s focus is factory production and this is headed up by Operations Manager, Adam Butler.   Adam started at Certikin North 12 years ago as Production Manager before taking control of day to day operations and logistics as Operations Manager 2 years ago.  He now takes responsibility for the whole of the Certikin North operation.  Helen McManus remains as Office Supervisor, liaising with the Witney Liners and Covers Division and working on CAD for the liners and winter covers.

Telephone calls to Certikin North in Leeds are currently routed to Witney however, for future correspondence and phone calls please use the following: Tel. No. 01993 777200; Fax. No. 01993 778869 Email: sales@certikin.co.uk

Certikin North General Manager Neil Stephenson has taken up a new position as Product Development Manager, with his time split between the Certikin North and Witney sites.  Neil has 18 years of experience at Certikin, 14 of those at Certikin North. He possesses in-depth knowledge and a broad overview of the company’s extensive product portfolio so is ably equipped for his new role which focuses on the sourcing and development of new products and services, from their conception through to launch onto the market.  Neil also oversees the company’s marketing team, thus supporting the natural synergies between product development and marketing requirements and initiatives.

To complete the current changes in the Technical Office, Daniel Green has been promoted to Team Leader for Automatic Covers.  Dan has been with Certikin for 3 years and developed a good understanding of both the Roldeck and Coverstar covers.   Joe Hatt has joined Certikin’s Automatic Covers Technical Sales, providing customer quotes and technical support. Joe has spent three summers working in the Certikin warehouse transport department while studying Exercise Physiology at Southampton University. Joe’s hobbies include working out in the gym and playing golf.  

                       Craig WilliamsonCraig Williamson

Adam Butler

 Adam Butler

David steps up to the plate

David Steptoe has been promoted to Sales Manager for Caldera Spas, Enclosures and One Piece Pools.  David joined Certikin in 2013 and has gained extensive experience working in CertiChem and Portable spa divisions. Before that he completed a plumbing apprenticeship and worked in the component supply industry giving him a technical and customer focused background.  David will be familiar with many Certikin customers as for the last 20 months he has been Certikin’s South East Sales Executive.  David is ably supported by Fiona Denley and Eva Dobinson.

David Steptoe

David Steptoe