Dehumidifiers & Electric Heating


Air Heater Facility
Vaporex units can be supplied with LPHW heater batteries which will provide pool room air heating, thus eliminating the need for separate fan heaters and / or radiators. Models with electric heating elements are also available for projects with no LPHW provision. An air thermostat is necessary for all models with air heating facility; One thermostat is included with each new Vaporex with heating facility.

Heat output from LPHW heater coils are:
- Vaporex 33 at 3kW - Vaporex 55 at 5kW

Heat output from Electric resistance heater are:
- Vaporex 30 at 2kW - Vaporex 50 at 4kW

Note - LPHW = Low Pressure Hot Water. Requires water supply at 80OC for outputs stated.

All Vaporex units are subject to two years parts and labour warranty in accordance with the manufacturers conditions.

Airstat to be connected via transformer to motorised valve (valve and transformer supplied by others).

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